Dear medical patients of Markham Heritage Health Clinic,

Please DO NOT USE walk-in clinics! Keeping all your medical information in one location will enable us to provide better health care for you and your family.

Call the Telephone Health Advisory Nurse at 811 for medical advice.


Call our office #905-471-2967  to try to get an appointment the same day.  We have reserved Urgent Care times every day Monday to Friday. 


Urgent Care Clinics Hours: Monday – Thursday:  5 pm -8 pm (Call after 4 pm), Saturday 9 am – 12 pm (Call after 9 am), 

If you are unable to make an appointment in our office or we are closed,  please contact our affiliated After Hours Urgent Care Clinic in our building.

The doctors there are affiliated with our office and share information easily between locations electronically.  

Call them first to confirm ; 

6633 Highway 7,  unit 214 
Markham ON, L3P 7P2
Phone: 905-294-2290


6633 Highway 7,  unit 210
Markham ON, L3P 7P2
Phone: 905-294-3170