Coronavirus (COVID-19) June 4th Update


Message from Dr. Ho-Fatt Wang:

To my patients – Ontario public health authorities and the RCDSO (our governing dental body) have given Ontario dentists permission to reopen our practices to regular dental procedures under specific guidelines.   I’m asking everyone to please be patient, as we plan to reopen carefully .  With the recent Covid-19 numbers spiking in Ontario and the State of Emergency being extended to the end of June, I feel the need to be extra cautious in the reopening process.  The dental industry has always kept the highest standards in infection control pre-Covid and now through the pandemic even higher controls are necessary.   Dental providers have greater risks due to our inherent close contact with patients.  I will only reopen the office for routine dentistry when I’m confident that I can keep all my patients and staff safe while not compromising our high quality of care.

There is a worldwide shortage of necessary PPE and trying to source these items through the pandemic has proven difficult.  We are still waiting on many backordered priority items to be able to see patients in a safe manner.

Like our province, we plan to reopen in a stage-wise manner.  In the first few weeks, we will only see patients that have urgent dental needs.  Patients who contacted us recently with urgent issues will be scheduled in order of priority.  We will only schedule a few staggered appointments per day.  Please wait for Crystal to contact you with an appointment.  Routine hygiene and orthodontic appointments will start later in our 2nd stage of opening.  As of now, we do not have a tentative date to restart our hygiene program.

If you have a new dental concern, an urgent orthodontic or gum problem, please let us know right away.  We will try our best to accommodate you in our urgent care schedule.

Please don’t hesitate to call the office or email me directly at  Teledentistry and video meetings prior to any in-office appointment will be part of our new normal.

Thank you for being understanding. Keep posted for more updates.

Stay safe everyone!

Dr. Andrea