We acknowledge a growing body of literature that has resulted in a paradigm shift in dentistry towards airway awareness including identification of sleep disordered breathing and the resulting chronic health conditions it causes that may manifest throughout a lifetime. This shift of thought extends beyond an individual tooth and acknowledges the entire system of why dental problems and other systemic concerns exist and how to prevent and treat them.

Airway focused dentistry is critical because the airway and proper breathing is hierarchically the most important physiological function of the human body. The airway governs our ability to have restorative sleep and how we breathe guides development of the face and jaws, temporomandibular joint, and occlusion (bite). Our overall health is dependent on the airway.

The past few years in health care have seen a tremendous growth in sleep and dental sleep medicine. This airway focused care model incorporates many other health professionals, and most importantly allows the patient to achieve a higher level of health and wellness. Our care is modern, comprehensive and airway focused. Please contact us today or visit our airway/sleep solutions tab on our website to learn more about how airway could affect your health and your smile.

American Dental Association 2017: The Role of Dentistry in the Treatment of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders